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New Eagle Creek Pack-it System 2021

by Angel Castellanos on

Everyone now knows that packing in cubes and folders is the way to go. For several decades, Eagle Creek has revolutionized traveling by making packing easy. The all-new Eagle Creek Pack-it System 2021 is here. With the new and improved collection, our favorite packing organization tools are revamped for traveling smart.

The New Eagle Creek Pack-it System 2021 is Sustainable

The complete collection is now sustainably made from 100% recycled material.

Depending on your travel needs, there are three categories. So there is something here to help every traveler pack properly in their suitcase, bag, or duffle. The new Eagle Creek Pack-it System 2021 helps all travelers stay organized, stay fresh, minimize wrinkles, protect gear and maximize storage space.

Each category has its own set of cubes, folders, and sacs to help travelers focus on the journey instead of worrying about packing. These products make travel or your daily life worry-free.


Isolate helps keep your items separate and tidy. If you are roller or worried about space, this collection is for you. Also, the fabrication of this range is anti-microbial, so it will prevent your clothes from smelling. The Isolate product range is also ideal for everyday use and the gym.

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The Gear range is probably my new favorite go-to pack-it because they are so versatile. I carry a lot of camera and tech gear to create content for work. I need all of my equipment protected, and the various cubes in this range do that. They are also weather-resistant, so the material and zippers keep moisture out. After several multi-country trips, I can attest to their toughness and rugged construction.

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The Reveal Range is fantastic for saving space and keeping track of everything one has packed. The mesh panels are helpful in not losing track of any clothes. Whether you fold or roll, this assortment of Pack-it items will keep everything tidy.

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So what are my big takeaways about the new Eagle Creek Pack-it 2021 collection?

  • I love that it is a sustainable collection made from 100% recycled materials.
  • Isolate, Gear, and Reveal Pack-it means there is something for every type of traveler or travel scenario
  • The everyday use capabilities of the anti-microbial Isolate range
  • The waterproofness and durability of the Gear assortment for all of my tech
  • It is easy to see all of my stuff inside my suitcase with the Reveal range of cubes.
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