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Briggs & Riley's Annslie Bigbee's Packing Tips

by Jon Cantwell on


MAY 20, 2021

How to pack according to travel expert Annslie Bigbee

Annslie breaks down three of her favorite packing techniques that allows her to travel light and efficient ~ all in a carry-on set.


Packing too much? Too little? Strike the perfect balance.

When it comes to packing, some simple techniques can go a long way. Some travelers stuff an enormous amount of clothing into their bags for a long weekend. Others pack a bit too light and end up coming up short when in need. Savvy travelers strike the perfect balance and bring just what they need—with a little help from Briggs & Riley's Annslie Bigbee, you will learn three of her favorite packing tips to help you master "The Art Of The Pack". Read on to become a packing expert.


The Bundling Technique


Bundling allows you to pack everything you need for each day ~ together


Packing Cubes: Your Travel Companion

Once you start using packing cubes, there is no going back. The organizational and space-saving benefits help make packing a breeze. Annslie breaks down how she uses her packing cubes to pack just the right amount into her carry-on.  


Packing Cubes


We Love Our

Whats better than wrapping all your tasty ingredients into a warm soft flour tortilla?
Well it might be packing your compressible Briggs & Riley bag using the effective "Burrito Technique". This packing tip helps you organize, avoid wrinkling and save space while on to the go! Check out Annslie's demo below.


The Burrito Technique



The Briggs & Riley Set Used By Annslie

About Annslie Bigbee

The daughter of a diplomat, Annslie Bigbee grew up in Africa and Asia, attending schools in Nigeria, Morocco, and Pakistan.

She later returned to West Africa serving three years in the United States Peace Corps as a rural community development agent and to East Africa teaching Nutrition and Potable Water Solutions on a Rotary Global Grant.

After a lifetime of travel, packing is her passion and representing Briggs and Riley as their West Regional Manager, was a perfect fit. Pre-pandemic she spent three to four days a week living out of a carryon suitcase.

When she is not planning a trip to Lisbon or Paris you can find her hosting a dinner party or picking up plastic trash and hanging at the beach with her dog. She just got back from Sun Valley Idaho and next planned trip is a week at Blacktail Ranch Montana.

Changing the way we travel, one packed bag at a time.

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