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5 Ways to Travel Safe While Social Distancing

by Angel Castellanos on

The urge for travel is strong now, especially if you have been staying close to home. Recent Tripadvisor site data shows that globally, domestic travel for the fall season (September 1 - November 30, 2020) continues to gradually recover, with nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of all travelers planning domestic fall getaways. This fall, there is a rise in destinations where travelers can relax and rejuvenate, as opposed to the busy hustle and bustle of popular places. Here are 5 Ways to Travel Safe While Social Distancing

Choose Activities that Social Distance Easily

Choosing outdoor activities is the easiest way to travel safe while social distancing. Beaches, hiking trails, National Parks and sites located outdoors give everyone the opportunity to stay away from crowds. Enjoying natural elements such as fresh air are not only good for the soul, but often activities the whole family can partake in. Outdoor activities were meant for social distancing, so why not include them in your next vacation?

Double Check the Flight Seating Chart 

While it's impossible to social distance on a plane, you can do your best by choosing airlines that are currently blocking middle seats. It's unclear how long that will last so travelers who choose to fly should take advantage of that benefit now. Double checking the seating chart, even if you are just searching for flights, is one way to check on the flights occupancy rate. If your desired flight is full, you may want to consider booking another. 

Roadtripping and RV Travel to Social Distance

The surge of travelers taking road trips or hiring RV’s to travel is noticeable. If hiring an RV or camper van, don't forget to check the enhanced cleaning standards of the rental company. Even with enhanced measures, all travelers should take the time to properly sanitize the vehicle. I even did this on a car I hired from a major rental company in Turkey. Have your PPE kit ready for when you have to interact with anyone from the car. Don’t forget to have hand sanitizer or sanitization wipes handy to use after pumping gas or taking a rest stop. 

Choose Hotels or Airbnbs Carefully to Travel Safe

Big hotels chains like Hilton and Marriott announced enhanced measures for cleanliness and safety. Depending on where the property is located, they might even limit the occupancy to ensure social distancing. Having stayed in major hotels, both domestically and internationally, the enhanced cleaning to keep travelers safe is noticeable. Airbnb has come out with their own set of new standards during the pandemic. The new Airbnb standards leave a lot of discretion up to the Airbnb host. Travelers should honestly be prepared to do their own sanitation upon arrival. 

Choose a Responsible Destination for Social Distancing

In the United States, the COVID cases and infection rates vary from state to state and even within a particular region. Do not travel to areas where the infection rate is worse than your own area. The National Park system has various parks located in different parts of the country that give lovers of the outdoors lots of options. If there was a year to visit a National Park, this is it. If you chose an international vacation, be aware that the US Passport is still very limited. The few countries that US Citizens can travel to might surprise you with their low COVID numbers. 

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Packing is Easy to Travel Safe while social distancing
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